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Expressing fear
• I was scared I was frightened
• I was terrified
• You scared me
• You frightened me
• I’m so scared
• I’m losing my mind
• I was freaking out

Expressing anxiety
• Gosh ! what is this?
• I’m going crazy
• I’m losing my mind
• I need a break
• I can’t wait any longer
• I can’t take it any more
• I can’t deal with it anymore
• Everything is getting on my nerves

Cheering someone up
• Relax
• Calm down
• Control yourself
• Take it easy
• Take it slow
• Don’t be scared
• Don’t be frightened
• Don’t trouble yourself
• Don’t be such a worrywart


Angel : “ Gosh… what is this? Should I cross this bridge? I’m not sure I can do it. It is so scary.”
Dedi : “ take it easy. It is not as hard as you think”
Angel : “ Dedi, I’m so scared. This wooden bridge looks so old. What will happen if it suddenly falls. When I’m crossing it.”
Dedi : “ Don’t be scared. I know you can do it.”


Asking for someone opinion
• What’s your view / opinion?
• What do you think / feel?
• What about.....?
• How do you feel about.....?
• What is your reaction to.....?
• Do you have any opinion on.....?
• Don’t you think.....? (very polite)
• What do you think about....?
• What are your feelings about.....?

Giving an opinion
• From where I stand.....
• Well, to my mind.....
• I’m convinced that.....
• I consider.....


1. Vita : “ what is your reaction to the ilegal leatlets whish have passed around this school?”
Headmaster : “ I consider that we should make a final decision about them today.”

2. Dani : “ Do you have any opinion about the use a mobile phone at school?”
Headmaster : “ As far as I’m concerned, it should be used during the break time only.”

3. Vita : “ How do you see the school plan to add more classes next year?”
Zaskia : “ I don’t know much about it. So I’d rather not say anything about it.”

4. Vita : “ what do you think about the picture?”
Zaskia : “ I think it’s very artistic.”


Expressing Satisfaction
• I’m very pleased with.....
• I’m so happy about this.
• What a beautiful story !
• It is with great pleasure that.....
• It gives me great satisfaction.....
• Thank you, Sir.
• I can’t think of anything better

Expressing Dissatisfaction
• It is disappointing that.....
• What an awful meeting !
• It’s not as good as I thought
• What else do you think I should do?


1. Waiter : “ Did you enjoy your meal, Sir?”
George : “ Yes, I did. It was very delicious indeed.”
Waiter : “ Thank you Sir,. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
George : “ You make great curry. I’m impressed.”
Waiter : “ Thank you very much, Sir.”

2. Mr. Anwar : “ The engine is not working properly. What’s wrong with it ?”
Mr. Ridwan : “ Let me have a look, Sir.”


Expressing Pleasure
• I’m glad your like it
• Isn’t this great?
• I’m delighted to hear that
• It gives me great pleasur to hear that
• I’m very pleased with.....
• I’m very pleased

Expressing Pain
• Ouch !!!

Expressing relief
• Oh, I’m glad it’s done
• Good for you
• Oh, that’s all right then
• Thank God for that
• Oh, What a relief


1. Vita : “ Look isn’t this great?”
Mrs. Inneke : “Oh, I’m glad you like it”

2. Vito : “ Ouch !!!
Mr. Candra : “ Oh you, poor thing”

3. Doctor : “ O.K., finished. You will feel better now”
Rizal : “ Oh, I’m glad it’s done”

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