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How do our eyes tell that strawberries are red, cucumbers are green and lemons are yellow? No one is sure. But scientists who study the eye have come with some theories.
It is known that when we look at something, light passes through the front part of eye. The light forms an image of we see on the retina at the back of eye. The retina is a thin layer of tissue that I covered with a liquid. Because the retina is sensitive to light, it easily receives light images. Then it sends the image to brain.
The retina has 137 million cells that help to receive the image of object. Of these, 130 million are rod-shaped. The rods make us see in black and white. The other 7 million retina cells are shaped like cones. They have the special ability to make us see in colour. Scientists have some ideas but not quite sure how the eye does this. One theory is that each cone shaped cells contains three colours: red, green, and blue. When we look at a coloured object, a message is sent to the brain. The brain instantly blends the red, green, and blue so hat we see the exact colour of the object.
In dim light the cones practically stop working as the cones lose their effectiveness, the rods take over.

BEKASI (JP): the pollution level in Sadang River in this regency which has been a contributing factor in three recent deaths, has become a matter of serious concern for many people here as well as for others in Jakarta.
The river, which is between four and eight metres wide and about three metres deep, has been used by several factories in the area as their waste dumping ground. During the dry season, the river turns reddish black, skimmed with oily foam.
Despite its abominable condition, many residents in Wanasari village in the district of Cibitung still use its water for bathing, washing their dishes and cleaning their clothes. It is also used to irrigate about 60 hectares of rice fields in the area.
On Nov. 7, last year, Sri Rahayu, 14 and Sri Julaeha, 8, drowned in the river. The girl were watching their mother who was washing in the river. It was believed the girls died from poisoning as a result of swallowing the polluted river water rather than from drowning.
The third victim, Diroh, 22 drowned in the river on April 13. Her body was found on April 16 and like the two sisters, foam was encrusted around her mouth. Area residents said she was washing, perched on the riverbank when she fell into the water. Again, the people believe she was poisoned.

(from The Jakarta Post, July 5, 1993)


The Tyrant Who Became a Just Ruler
In the olden times there was a king who was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that he was always called the tyrant. So heartless was he that his people used to pray night and day that they might have a new king.
One day, much to their surprise, he called his people together and said to them, “my dear subjects, the days of my tyranny are over. Henceforth, you shall live in peace and happiness, for I have decided to try my rule henceforth justly and well.”
The king kept his words so well that soon he was known troughout the land as the just king. By and by one of his favourites came to him said, “Your majesty I beg you to tell me how it was that you had this change of heart towards our people.”
And the king replied, “As I was galloping through my forest one afternoon, I caught sight of a hound chasing a fox. The fox escaped into his hole, but not until he had been bitten by the dog so badly that he would be lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a man who threw a stone at him, which broke his leg. And the horse, starting to run, fell into a hole and broke his leg. Here I came to my senses, and resolved to change my rule. ‘for surely’, I said to myself, he who does evil will sooner or later be overtaken by evil.”

My holiday in Bali was very nice. The two weeks I spent there were really fantastic. It was just so different from anything I had seen before, like white sandy beaches, incredible views, palm trees, nice climate and unique traditions. I really enjoyed my self there. The place was absolutely beautiful. Beyond comparison!
There were so many interesting place to visit, especially the temples and there was a lot to learn about the religion and the beliefs of the people. It seems that they are religious people.
On the day of my arrival at Ngurah Rai airport, I was picked up by my guide. First I was staying in Sanur, which is not far from Denpasar. I was satisfied with the luxury offered by the hotel there. Then I visited Denpasar. It is a crowded city with busy traffic. I did not stay very long, just half a day because it was hot. I couldn’t stand it. I visited an art gallery there and then I went back to the hotel.
The following day I visited quite a lot of other places on the island. I had a trip to the north to visit a town called Singaraja and I bought some souvenirs there. Compared to the south of the island, the north is very different.
Once I visited the volcano between Denpasar and Singaraja, called Mount Agung. I went for a walk in a village on the slopes of Mount Agung. I didn’t go to the top because I was too tired to do so.
Another day I went down to the west to temple of Tanah Lot. It is out on the coast and everybody waited for the sunset. They wanted to take photos of it behind the temple. I was very surprised because I saw many foreigners enjoying themselves and being very relaxed with the tranquillity.
Next my guide and I drove down to the south to Nusa Dua. I went to the beach and had a body massage along with some of the domestic tourist there. And two days before returning home I went to Kuta Beach. I did a lot of shopping at reasonable price.


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